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Corduroy's Sleepover

Corduroys Sleepover

Viking Juvenile

Author: B. G. Hennessy

Corduroy the toy bear goes to a sleepover party with all his friends.
The author is B. G. Hennessy and it was published in February of 2007 by Viking Juvenile. The hardcover book concerns Lift-the-flap books and is considered first-rate specimens. The kids book is 20 pages long and it is stuffed with wonderfully colored illustrations. Many people declare they never have enough time to read, yet reading can also be an effective utilization of time, especially with the correct book. To obtain your very own print of this kids book, check out the market link on this page.

First he packs his things into an overnight bag, then he's off. After a bedtime story and song, he's off to dreamland. But when it's time for bed, 1 of Corduroy's friends can't quite fall asleep. Corduroy and his pals are in for a fun night. Children will enjoy looking at the seven lively scenes in the book, and lifting and peeking beneath forty fun flaps. They'll play games, build a blanket fort, and watch a film.


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