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Corduroy [handmade Bilingual, Dual-language, English And Spanish Book]

Corduroy handmade Bilingual4 Star Rating
Corduroy handmade Bilingual Corduroy handmade Bilingual Duallanguage English And Spanish Book Image 1
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The author is Don Freeman and it is published by Scholastic Inc & Diversity Arts. This book was available on bookshelves sometime in 1976. The book has 30 pages. If you prefer a copy of this book, visit the add to shopping cart button on this site.

corduroy handmade bilingual dual-language english spanish

Price Used: $7.95
Brand: Scholastic Inc & Diversity Arts
Author: Don Freeman

Professionally translated and proof-read by a retired Spanish Professor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a native Spanish-speaker from Columbia. Spanish text formatted to fit AROUND images and English text. For Ages 3-8. Even though Lisa loves him just the way he is, she sews a new button on his overalls to produce him more comfortable. A charming story about an adorable teddy bear who lives in a department store. Size is about 8 7/8"x 7", 30 pages. English and Spanish texts side-by-side are great for dual-language families or dual-language wannabees: Spanish-speaking households who are studying English OR English-speaking families who are finding out Spanish! No one wants him simply because he is missing a button from his overalls. Corduroy realizes that at final he has a home plus a friend: the two things he has always wanted most. While everyone else ignored Corduroy basically since he was missing a button, to Lisa he was the perfect bear to take home and love completely. Every child wants and NEEDS to be loved for who and what they are, no matter what mischief they get into. Brand new paperback in English, altered with high-quality (Avery) labels with Spanish text added on each page. After a night time adventure inside the department store, a young girl comes to buy Corduroy with her actually own money and to take him home as her very own bear. This warm and heartfelt story teaches kids the all vital life lessons of unconditional love and a true home. With a blank bookplate inside the front cover. BOOK DESCRIPTION:"Corduroy"- by Don Freeman, c. 1968, 1976 edition by Puffin Books - New York, NY.


  • Format: Special Limited Edition
  • Number of Pages: 30
  • Languages:
  • English (Published)
  • Spanish (Published)
  • Package: Height: 0.2" Length: 8.9" Width: 7"
  • Package: 0.38 lbs.

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